Senior Pet Care

Did you know that your pet is considered a senior at the age of seven? It’s true, and their needs dramatically change as they age. Greenwood Animal Hospital is here to be with your pet at their infant stage all the way through their senior years. Allow us to tailor a schedule of exams to keep your senior pets feeling their best!

We recommend doing blood work and regular teeth exams. As your pet’s get older, you’ll notice changes in behavior. Some changes to watch for and update your veterinarian on include:

  • Dental disease
  • Changes in drinking habits
  • Changes in urination habits
  • Weight gain
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in mood
  • Increased difficulty moving around

In addition to wellness exams, it’s important to keep up with vaccinations and parasite prevention. Protecting your senior pet from disease remains an important part of keeping them healthy. As the body ages, the unnecessary stresses from preventable diseases can substantially harm a pet, so staying on a vaccination schedule is even more important. Keeping your senior pet free from fleas and ticks will help protect them from disease as well as from discomfort and the depletion of nutrients.

Our annual exams will be a very good time to discuss your pet’s diet and their changing needs as they get older. Once your pets hit the age of seven, the needs of their bodies change and they require a quality senior pet food. Our veterinary team can help you find the perfect food for your pet.

Finally, a common ailment in aging pets is arthritis, which can significantly decrease mobility and quality of life. If your pet suffers from arthritis, be sure to check with our veterinarians to see if Companion Laser Therapy would be a good option. We have seen significant increases in mobility and greater quality of life for pets given laser therapy treatments for arthritis.

The needs of the senior pet are different from those of puppies and kittens and adult cats and dogs. We’re here to keep your pet healthy every step of the way. Need an appointment? Contact us below.

If you have any questions about senior pet care or need to schedule an appointment, please let us know! We’ll respond as soon as possible.