Puppy and Kitten Care

It can be so exciting to bring home a new kitten or puppy! The team at Greenwood Animal Hospital wants to be with your pet every single step of the way. We’re here to get them started off on the right foot of a long and healthy life.

We recommend you set up your pet’s first visits quickly after your pet comes home. It’s important to get your new pet on a parasite, vaccination, and examination schedule over their first twenty weeks.


Starting puppy and kitten vaccinations and keeping them on a schedule is critical to protecting their fragile systems from the most common diseases.


  • 6–8 weeks
  • 10–12 weeks
    • Distemper Parvo —puppies receive a second booster.
    • Bordetella booster—puppies receive another booster..
  • At 16 weeks
    • Rabies—Rabies is typically spread through a bite wound and can jump across different species of animals including humans.
    • Distemper Parvo combination.


  • 6–8 weeks
  • 10–12 weeks
    • Feline distemper combination FVRCP
    • Feline Leukemia
  • 16 weeks
    • Rabies—Rabies is a disease that affects the brain and central nervous system. The rabies vaccination will be administered again when your kitten is one-year-old. After that time, it will be good for three years.
    • Feline leukemia—As one of the most common causes of diagnosed illness and death in domestic cats, this disease attacks the cat’s immune system making him or her more susceptible to infections and diseases.
    • Feline distemper combination FVRCP


Puppies and kittens eat or sniff at many things that can carry the eggs for internal parasites. Checking yearly for intestinal worms and administering necessary treatments is an important means of assuring your puppy or kitten will be able to absorb nutrients and grow from the food you provide.

Greenwood Animal Hospital works directly with you to keep your pet healthy from their beginning stages of life all the way into their senior years. If you have questions, we have answers.

If you have any questions about puppy and kitten care or need to schedule an appointment, please let us know! We’ll respond as soon as possible.