In-House Laboratory

Pet’s cannot tell us when something is wrong; sometimes we need to look deeper than their exterior to find the problem. Diagnostic laboratory tests are essential in diagnosing and treating your pet. Greenwood Animal Hospital is equipped with a stunning in-house laboratory that allows us to provide the following tests:

  • Urinalysis—This makes it possible to test kidney function as well as the presence and nature of infections.
  • Complete blood chemistry (CBC)—Analyzing blood chemistry can give us indications of the functioning of the internal organs. The CBC can indicate the presence of an infection, anemia, possible bone marrow issues, malignancies, or blood clotting issues.
  • Pet thyroid tests—This test measures the amount of thyroid hormone in the body.
  • Feline leukemia testing—Cats new to their owner, kittens, and sick cats are frequently tested for feline leukemia.
  • Lyme disease—Tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease has been seen in this area. Intense illness can result from contracting it; we recommend that pets be checked each year for the disease.
  • Heartworm—Heartworm is a parasite that is transmitted by mosquitoes and lodges in the heart of the dog or cat, which can be fatal if undetected and untreated.

If you have any questions about our in-house laboratory or any additional questions for our staff, please contact us below!

If you have any questions about our in-house laboratory or need to schedule an appointment, please let us know! We’ll respond as soon as possible.