Adult Cats and Dogs

As your pets get older, they have many different health needs than when they were puppies and kittens. Establishing good health practices in your pet’s early years will help you continue the practice of good health as they get older.

Once puppy and kitten visits have concluded, we recommend that adult dogs and cats have an annual veterinary exam. These reviews usually include:

  • A physical examination where our staff will check your dog or cat from nose to tail, assuring that they look, feel, and are functioning as they should.
  • A blood work analysis to check for proper blood chemistry levels, proper organ functioning, and checks against the baselines we gathered while they were in their infancy.
  • A parasite screening which includes a fecal sample, heartworm test that will be run to check for worms.
  • A vaccination schedule that ensures your pets are protected from many diseases.
  • A discussion on what makes up a healthy diet for your pet – we will work with you to find a diet that will be the most beneficial for your pet.
  • A chance for us to discuss your pet’s lifestyle. In addition to a proper diet, pets need a certain amount of exercise and attention to stay at their healthiest. Play time and exercise will benefit your pet’s heart, lungs, and muscles throughout their life.

If you have any other questions, the Greenwood Animal Hospital team is here with the answers. If you need to book and appointment, you can contact us below!

If you have any questions about adult pet care or need to schedule an appointment, please let us know! We’ll respond as soon as possible.